Barry Pulliam

A native Mississippian, Barry was born in Jackson, and grew up there and in Aberdeen and Cleveland.  Barry's music has been influenced by Mississippi artists from across the spectrum of music:  from Robert Johnson and B.B. King, to the Tangents and Steve Forbert, to Jimmie Rogers and Elvis.  It's those music beginnings - the music that he grew up listening to - that formulated Barry's own style into what he and Burke now call, Mississippi Roots Music.

 Barry struggled with the guitar early in life.  He learned to play a few chords in high school, but had no formal lessons, and never played music with anyone else.  He did, however, begin to write  songs as soon as he learned his first 2 chords.  He continued writing through college, the Army and post-Army civilian life, but it wasn't until he married Judi, his greatest fan, that he truly became a prolific song writer.


Burke Williamson

Born and raised in Hattiesburg, MS.   Burke began classical guitar lessons at nine years old.  In his early teens, following the proudest traditions of rock n' roll, he rebelled against the rigid structure of classical under the influence of Guns N Roses.  A little later, he would become immersed in Alternative finding inspiration in the songs of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.  

It was during this time, his misspent youth, that Burke played in bands like "Jim Jones and the Koolaid Brigade," "Liquid Dreams and Holy Boots," and "Eyes for Shiva."  While all influential, none of the ill-fates bands were destined to succeed. 

In his early twenties, Burke came home to the blues and alternative country preferring the stripped down, authentic feel of these musical forms.  It was this quality Burke found in Barry's song writing and he brings his experience, heart, and soul into what they call, "Mississippi Roots Music."

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